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Don't loose time reading thousands of comments and reviews from people you don't know. Your friends are the best people to advise great places.
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Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

Version of 17 October 2016.

Section 0. Definitions

Section 1. EatLocal Owner

EatLocal is managed by Pierre HALLEUX (hereafter referred to as "EatLocal"), whose head office is established in Belgium and known to the Register for Legal Entities by the number VAT 429.223.614. Reachable via

Section 2. Acknowledgement of the General Terms

All users acknowledge to be bound by the present general terms in their full and irrevocable way. EatLocal reserves itself the right to modify, at any moment, the present general terms of use. The new general terms will then be published on the website and will come into effect thirty (30) days after they are published on the website. The user who does not accept these new conditions will be expected to deactivate their account within 30 days after the publication of the general terms on the website and delete the application from their device. In order to inform the user, they will be notified of the publication of the new general terms by email or notification inside the application.

Section 3. Purpose of the Services Offered

The services offered on EatLocal consist, in a limited manner, of flagging and sharing places user liked with their friends. User search places he liked around the world. Then, connected user on Facebook can see those places suggested by the friends in the city or current location on a virtual platform made to connect people who search great places. EatLocal will provide its best efforts to get results corresponding to the research criterias, or at the very least, corresponding to some of them, without obligation of results. The services are free. By creating a user account, the user accepts however that commercial emails be sent to them on a database they will have completed, without prejudice on their right to oppose it simply by sending a written request conforming to section 12 of the present general terms of use. The website is principally dedicated to a non professional, reasonable and normal usage. EatLocal does not profit from any transactions performed through the site and consequently cannot guarantee the requirements for a professional usage notably by the speed, accessibility and exactitude of the services or the data. This application makes call to Google Service via the official API. By using this application, the user are bound by Google’s Terms of Service. API Used are Google Maps API(s). Please refer to Google Privacy Policy and Google API usage limit.

Section 4. Account Creation

Section 5. User actions on EatLocal

Section 6. User Account Closure

The user can, at all times, cancel their account to the site by connecting to their account and clicking the "Contact us button" requesting via the form the cancellation of the account.

Section 7. Availability of EatLocal

Even though EatLocal ensures the website's and mobile application disposal to the users 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, EatLocal reserves itself the right, at any given moment and without warning, to interrupt the access to the website and/or mobile application for technical or other reasons as well as terminating its services, without being held responsible of these interruptions and the consequences that could result for any user. The EatLocal website and mobile application is hosted by Namecheap 11400 W.Olympic Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles , CA90064 USA EatLocal will provide its best efforts so the website and its downloadable files be exempt of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses and non-authorised spyware. However, it cannot be ignored that these could be found on the website and or the mobile application. In such a case, EatLocal cannot, in any way, be held responsible of all prejudice and/or loss that would result from it for the user or damage made to the phone.

Section 8. Links to Third Party Websites

The EatLocal may contain hyperlinks to content from third parties or to websites operated by third parties. EatLocal cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of these websites. The operators of these sites are solely responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the products and services they sell on their website. Data inside the application are coming from Google Service using this application, the user are bound by Google’s Terms of Service. API Used are Google Maps API(s). Please refer to Google Privacy Policy and Google API usage limit. Please refer to Google policy to know more about responsibility of content.

Section 9. Other Cases With Limited Liability

Section 10. Use by EatLocal of Information Posted by Users

The user acknowledges, agrees and warrant that EatLocal has the right to use, publish, exploit any text or information that would be posted or published on the EatLocal network.

Section 11. Intellectual Rights

All the content present on the EatLocal website is the intellectual property or EatLocal and is protected by intellectual property rights. The shape of this website and mobile application (plan, layout of headings, data organisation,…) is protected by the legal regime of copyright. EatLocal prohibits the extraction and/or the use of all or a substantial part, qualitatively or quantitatively, of the website content. EatLocal grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable at any time without cause license to gain access to EatLocal, view and download content with the only purpose being to inform the user, and this, on a single computer. The user may also print a copy of the content posted on the website solely for personal use, provided that it does not alter in any way the content of the website/mobile application. Any and all copy, translation, adaptation, modification or use whatsoever, of the entirety or of one of the protected elements of the website, in any form or by any means, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of EatLocal. Any request in this regard may be directed to ( Some icons coming from the mobile application are made by Freepik from and

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Section 12. Private Life

Section 13. Cookies

Section 15. Icons

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Section 16. Final Clauses