Places that friends and locals love in one mobile application. No more fake reviews, only friend's advices matters.

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When food advices from friends do matter.

When you suggest a restaurant to your friends, you don't tel them "This is a 3.4/5 place". ... Either it's a good place or not.

As your friends are not always next to you when you search a place, we created EatLocal.

Discover places your friends advice you to go. It works in any countries. Spread the word with your friends. Discover places friends and locals love.

Never be disapointed again at the restaurant

1 friend advise is better than 1.000 fakes reviews

Friend's advices count

You won't be surprised by fake reviews anymore. If a friend suggest you a place, this is a good place! You know your friends!


We let you check-out the picture of the places. So that you know what it looks like before you goes in.

Local gems

Find out local gems. You can look further than you friends, and check new places people suggest to their own friends. That local sushi bar Adriana discovered in Tokyo is now really close to you.


EatLocal has no limit and works in any country. Have a look how many spots are already in the app.

They just download EatLocal and it:

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Who are we ?

We love food, we love travel and we shared this passion
We created EatLocal from our own experience around the world.
Find THE restaurant friends and local loved and would recommand in a second.
Pierre Halleux EAT LOCAL
Pierre food lovers & CEO from EatLocal